Founder President Speaks :-

Shri .Vijay J. Darda
Member of Parliament (R.S.) & Founder President
Jawaharlal Darda Education Society.

The school is a landmark event in every society. It is a platform for expressing the diverse talents of our students. It has a nostalgic value too. Even when years have gone by, flipping through its pages, we all relive the precious moments of our growing and formative years.

For you all the talented students of YPS these are indeed growing and formative years. Every day your character is being built, and your persona is being shaped. You not only imbibe knowledge and skills through the course curriculum, but you also develop thinking skills, analytical insights and earthly wisdom. In short, you equip yourself mentally, physically and

psychologically to face the challenges of life,

At YPS our objective is to help you become a conscientious global citizen who through his intelligence, diligent hard work and perseverance lease an imprint in his chosen field of activity, caring and good human beings.

I wish you all the very best for all times to come.