Principal Desk:-

Mr. Jacob Das

I don’t teach my children,
I create conditions for them to learn”. Albert Einstein.
I welcome all the parents and student to be an integral part of this YPS family. Our mission is to help children develop their fullest inner potentials. We believe in enabling an individual to develop himself into a complete human being. We nurture continuously the personality of the pupil with character, Integrity, Good values and Positive Problem Solving Attitudes. YPS, strives not only to give the best bookish knowledge in the easiest manner but the one which forces the young one to think, re-think and crave for more enlighten knowledge. Students here in YPS are

not provided with tailored solutions but rather are made to face the hard realities of the world all by himself boldly, and be a winner even in the worst situations. The YPSians-the future citizens would surely be much more confident, useful, honest, hardworking, helpful and law abiding citizens who would not shrug any duty & responsibilities, but rather learn to share & shoulder them with courage.
Rooted deeply in the rich Indian Values and Culture, education will be made relevant and matched with the modern world by having adopted the best methodologies, tools and techniques in education to be at par with the Global Education System here in Yavatmal city.
The Parents of YPS students haves also contributed and has extended their invisible hands in achieving these targets, sharing and making the school proud and of course  their unconditional support and blessings, without whom it was not easy for us to groom our  little ones, Let us once  again pledge to our selves –

We will give our best and have a will to do with a convictions to perform and excel Let us love our children for what They Are and not for what they Do”.