The House system of Yavatmal public school has been carefully designed to develop a positive and closer rapport between the students and teachers in order to explore and provides a platform for the hidden potentialities of scholars and train them for leadership qualities.

Yavatmal Public School has been divided into five houses, namely, Chetak, Gajraj, Pushpak, Vikrant and Gems. The Pupils  from class I to XII are randomly assigned into the first four houses.

Each house has a House Master and other house members to guide the students. Each house elects a Captain and Vice-Captain at the beginning of the session through the election process.

The school organizes several friendly Interhouse & Inter school competitions such as song, dance, fancy dress, quiz, debate, drama , elocution, chess, football etc. to encourage the scholars and help them discover their inner self.

The fifth house i.e. the Gems house is unique and as its name suggests consists of the gems of the school. This house is unique as it doesn’t have any student a member rather it includes all those students who still do not get a chance to explore or showcase themselves. There are students who are shy, introvert and have fear of failure. Gems House, pick up all such students from various classes and Houses to groom with special care motivations and space to develop confidence and show their talent.

Every house gets an opportunity to run the school for a week in terms, taking care of the daily assembly, activities, discipline, cleanliness etc. and routine work for the smooth functioning  of the school.

Throughout the academic session various presentations, competitions,

CCA activities and sport are conducted, where every child gets an opportunity to be groomed and developed. At the end of the session the best house is announced on the basis of highest score in Academic – Sports & CCA.